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Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Dog Walker!

By:  Laurie Brzostowski

When my dog Sebastian was a puppy, it was really hard taking care of him as I was single, living alone and working a full time job. I remember having to come home every day at lunch to let him out.

Back then in the year 2000, I had never heard of dog walkers or pet sitters or anything of that sort.  Now that I am the Owner of Snaggle Foot Dog Walks and Pet Care - Round Lake, I completely understand what people go through when they get a puppy or work long hours or have a senior pet that may need some extra time outside during the day.

There are a lot of reasons to get a dog walker.  I am going to the list the top 5 reasons to get a dog walker for your doggie.

  1. Puppy!  Did you just get a new puppy?  Puppies really need to be on a consistent schedule throughout the day so they can become house trained.  Leaving a new puppy alone for long periods of time will cause your new puppy and you a lot of distress.  Your puppy needs to be let out during the day while you are at work.  Getting a dog walker for that time period will allow you to relax and your puppy will get the needed potty break, exercise and playtime required to help him grow into a great doggie.
  2. Long Hours!  Do you work long hours?  Most household's now are averaging 50+ hours per week.  This means your doggie is at home for at least 10-12 hours at a time.. sometimes more.  This can be hard on your doggie.  They miss you when you are gone.  They get bored when you are gone.  Some dogs retaliate by getting into big trouble when you are not there.  Chewing on the furniture, potty accidents throughout the house, etc.  Getting a dog walker mid-day for your doggie will get him or her outside on a walk for some exercise and some love and companionship while you are at work.  Break times are good for everyone.
  3. Senior Pet!  Do you have a senior pet?  I currently have a 13-1/2 year old Yellow Lab.  He is definitely showing signs of aging with incontinence issues, arthritis etc.  I am lucky as I work from home but just like a puppy, if you work away from home and long hours your senior doggie may be suffering.  Getting a dog walker to let him out mid-day will give him relief and also love and companionship.
  4. Weather.  Did you have an awful winter?  We had an awful winter up here in Northern Illinois.  A lot of people were late getting home due to the weather, or were not able to get home for lunch to let your dogs out, etc.  Getting a dog walker when the weather is awful is the best thing for your doggie.  They will get their potty break during the day, along with playtime and you can relax knowing that you don't have to rush home in a blizzard to let your dog out.
  5. Separation Anxiety.  Does your dog suffer from Separation Anxiety?  My doggie was awful when he was younger.  He hated when I left for work each morning.  He would actually sit on my shoes so I couldn't put them on.  Some dogs can get very destructive if they suffer from SA and they don't mean to be bad doggies, they are just very upset that their companions have left them behind.  Getting a dog walker during the mid-day will get your doggie outside for some much needed exercise along with lots of love and attention.  Having a dog walker long term will actually relieve and lessen the SA over time.
So, go ahead and get that puppy, work longer if you need too and don't feel bad about the weather.  Get a dog walker.. we are here to help you !

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