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Monday, March 23, 2015

Is Doggie Daycare Beneficial? Yes It Is!

BY:  Laurie Brzostowski, President, Snaggle Foot Dog Walks and Pet Care-Round Lake, IL

As a pet service business owner we get all kinds of questions when we meet pet parents.  Where can I find the best vet?  Where is the best groomer located?  And... would doggie daycare be beneficial to my dog?

I always try and give pet parents the best options that I know for them.  I do my research when it comes to recommending groomers and vets and of course doggie day care facilities.

I recently met with the owner of Central Bark in Grayslake, Illinois.  Her name is Laura Bloss and I wanted to meet with her to check out her facility and get to know her and her business.

I wanted to get some background from her on the benefits and what to look for when searching for a reputable daycare center.

So I have asked Laura to fill in some blanks about Central Bark and give everyone an inside peek at the "happiest place in town"... 

Dog day care has many benefits.  We can help you meet your dog's needs for attention, activity and supervision.  Day Care provides a great antidote for bored, lonely or high-energy dogs with busy parents who work all day and don't want to leave their dogs home alone

Central Bark Doggy Day Care gives your dog the stimulation, interaction, playtime, nap time and TLC they need to keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy.  Doggy Day Care is our specialty, and nobody does it better than we do.  Before placing your dog with other dogs, we perform a comprehensive behavioral assessment.  That way, we make sure your dog's play style and sociability are compatible with the appropriate playgroup to provide the consistency that every dog needs to feel confident and safe. 

In addition, we require a one day a week commitment. With our furry clients coming at least once a week, we really get to know the dog’s personality which creates a safer and more fun time for everyone! We have morning play from 8am – 12pm, nap time from 12-2pm and afternoon play from 2- 4:45pm. Dogs are supervised at all times during play.

Below are some helpful tips in choosing the right day care for your dog:
  • Tour the center before leaving your dog there.
  • Is the management and staff mature, knowledgeable, courteous, professional and patient at all times?
  • Are the dogs supervised at all times?
  • How do they handle bad behavior or dog fights?

Again, I want to thank Laura for taking the time to fill us in on her Doggy Day Care.  If anyone is interested in learning more about Central Bark in Grayslake, Illinois, you can contact them at: (847) 548-2275 or to learn more about them you can go to their website at:  http://www.centralbarkusa.com/grayslake/


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