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Monday, January 23, 2017

5 Essential Tips for Effective Pet Grooming

Pets are an important part of the family. They offer protection and companionship among other things. So, you need to treat them with care like you do to other members of the family. Do you keep a cat, dog or any other pet in your home? How do you ensure it is clean and hygienic? It is important to groom your pet so you don't have to deal with any animal-human health risks. Furthermore, no one likes a stinky pet. Grooming also keeps your pets healthy and happy.

This is a good grooming practice for furry pets. Dogs and cats naturally shed fur whether it's long or short. This process allows for the development of new and healthier fur on their bodies. Brushing is one effective and easy way to prevent excessive shedding by your pets. This practice softens and cleans their coats (both top and underlying).  It is also important to choose the right brush for your pet. Each brush is designed to handle a specific kind of coat. 

Like human beings, pets also need regular bathing. The frequency of the exercise varies with your pet's breed. Some may also love to get dirty by nature. For instance if your cat or dog loves playing in the mud then you are up for frequent bathing sessions. There are recommended shampoos and soaps for washing pets. As you shop for such, make sure you choose the right ones for your pet. Organic shampoos are some of the best for your pets when it comes to bathing. Please read the ingredients to make sure they are not “abrasive” or “allergenic”. You can also vary the water temperature depending on prevailing weather conditions. Buy pet-grooming gloves to help you in scrubbing your pet. Make bathing an enjoyable experience for both yourself and your pet. 

Nail and Paw Care
Pets get their nails or paws dirty in many instances. These are among the few parts of their body they find it hard to clean on their own. A cat can sometimes try to do this but it is not effective enough. If you have dogs, you need to do it from scratch. This process can sometimes get difficult if your pet is not used to it. They can be speeding off at the sight of clippers. You can do this by playing with their paws as you hang out together. You can also check for wounds on the paws as you groom the nails. Your pets can only jump and play well if they have healthy paws and nails. Be careful not to cut the pink part of your cat's nail (the quick). It contains blood vessels making it sensitive. Very long hails can cause paw deformities and can also be very painful to the animal (imagine walking just on your toenails all day long).  If you are not comfortable cutting your pet’s nails, contact a professional groomer in your area.
Eye Care
Eyes are among the most delicate organs ever created. It is also surprising that they are very durable. Pets may sometimes get involved in fights and hurt their eyes. It is also possible for pets to get eye infections and inflammations. Early discovery of an eye problem can save your pet from an infection. The easiest way of doing this is to be observing their eyes. You can also trim hair around their eyes, and ensure they are free of mucus. You can do this by use of sterile veterinary eyewash. Before you bathe your pet, you can apply protective ophthalmic ointment on their eyes. This will prevent possible eye irritations that might cause infections. Clean any tear-stains from your pets' eyes since these can harbor bacteria.  Please contact your vet immediately if you notice any eye deformities or infections that may be occurring.

Dental Care 
Your pets need to have their teeth clean and healthy. You need to brush your dog's teeth every other day like you do to yourself. Every pet has specific toothbrushes and toothpastes. Damage to gums and the tongue expose your pets to many health risks. You can introduce your pet to this idea by massaging their gums. Once you get them used, you can brush their teeth using the old-fashioned way. Brushing your pet's teeth will also help you identify any oral complications. Be watchful for strong odors from your pet's mouth. Such symptoms may be a sign of a gum condition or digestive problems.  Some professional groomers will also clean your pets teeth as part of the grooming process so if you are comfortable brushing your pets teeth consider a professional.

Proper grooming for your pets will ensure they stay healthy and happy!

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