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Monday, March 6, 2017

How To Care For Your Cat

If you are a lover of cats, you might think it nice to have one share your lovely home. These cute looking, feline creatures have been widely misunderstood by others; but not you. So you adopted a little cutie for yourself, and you are now wondering just how you might show them care, and love, and warmth. Well, caring for cats is nothing close to rocket science; all you need is a short and simple guide.

Understand your cat
Unlike dogs, cats have been misunderstood; and many have accused them of being mean and cold. This is not true, and you will find it rewarding to try and understand your cat when she is trying to say something or even trying to give you a hug. For instance, John Bradshaw, an anthrozoologist, from the University of Bristol, has said that contrary to popular belief, cats purr when they need some care and want you close by. You may have shared the old belief that cats purr when they are happy and it might just be time for you to drop it— that is if you want to get along with your cat. In the same vein, Gary Weitzman, a renowned veterinarian, has pointed out that slow blinking is a way of your cat saying that she trusts you. I bet you may have assumed that it was probably feeling dizzy. Enough has been said. Learn to communicate with your cat.

Feeding your cat
Believe it or not, cats can be very finicky when it comes to food. I personally have 2 cats and there is only 2 kinds of food they like so you may have to go through different brands before finding the ones they like. Just make sure the food is nutritionally balanced.

Groom your cat
In addition, cats need to be regularly groomed. Grooming involves brushing your cat to remove loose hair. Brushing your cat is beneficial to her health as it will cut down on hairballs that would develop in her digestive tract if she does it herself. A pin brush works great for long fur while a flat brush is better for short fur. Use this time to inspect your cats for fleas on the skin and don’t fail to seek her cooperation before doing all this. There are a few tricks like doing this before meals and Weber say this will make the cat connect grooming with something delicious.

Provide good health care
This is likely the most important point. Kittens need regular health care when they are very young. They will need to receive vaccines for common illnesses like rabies and distemper. During these checks, the veterinary doctor will evaluate your cat for leukemia and roundworm which is highly contagious. Apart from these early checkups, you also need to monitor your cat closely, so you can tell when they are in need of medical attention. There are some signs which should immediately alert you to the fact that your cat is ill and they include Eye redness, discharge or blur; foul smell from the ears or secretions; Reddish urine or excessive urination; skin lumps and bumps, wounds; vomiting and diarrhea, and signs of insanity.

General cleanliness
If you think it’s necessary to take your bath every day, then there is no reason why you should leave your cat out. Bathe your cats with warm water and let them dry. It is also important to brush your cat’s teeth every day using a soft toothbrush and veterinary toothpaste only. Brushing your cat`s teeth regularly helps prevent gum and tooth-related diseases. Every now and then, ensure your cat has her teeth cleaned by a professional and her mouth thoroughly examined. If you are not comfortable bathing your cat, find a professional groomer who specialized in feline grooming.

Housing your cat properly
Your cat needs every bit of comfort that he or she deserves. One way of doing this is to create some space for your cat. Cats need a bit of privacy as there are times when they want to be alone to rest or sleep. The standard rule for litter boxes is 1 for each cat you may have.  Cleaning the litter box every day is a routine you need to implement in your daily life. Believe it not, cats are finicky about how clean their boxes are. If you let them get too dirty they will start eliminating next to the litter box and not in the litter box.  Also, the amount of litter is important. Standard rule is no more than 3 inches of litter in the litter box.

Play play play!

Cats love to play.  Take a run to the pet store and get yourself some cat toys. I personally am not a fan of the laser lights but small cat toys can be fun for both of you!

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